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True Warrior Stories

"Courage is the ability to move; when all around you are frozen in fear
and no one would blame you if you did nothing at all." Capt. Click. Phx. PD

Welcome to Stories

This entire site is a non-profit site. It has been from day one. 
The goal here is:
Missionary Work 

Your Help Is Needed!!!
This is a call to arms

Some of the greatest and most talked about warriors the world has ever seen have not only been great fighting men, they have been great spiritual men as well. The Scriptures tell their timeless stories and their stories have been touching the hearts and lives of millions ever since. Even outside the Scriptures, history is littered with fighting men and women who were strong spiritually as well. Men and women who could not only use, teach and live by the sword, but they also could use, teach and live by the Word.

Today, more-so than at any other time in our lives, the morals of the world are sliding to their lowest point ever with extreme rapidity. What used to be right and good is now being torn down and scoffed at. What used to be wrong and evil is now being held up and adorned. Many of the examples of our hero figures in society, sports, entertainment, in political leadership and even many fathers and mothers in the home, have slid so far away from what is right and good that the young know not where to go. They know not who to pattern their lives after.  

If you are a believer in Christ,
this is a call to arms.
You can make a difference.

If you are a soldier or police officer or fireman or a member of some other branch of emergency service personnel, your help is needed. This is your call to arms. Your spiritual experience in uniform is needed here. Each month, receives several thousand hits from all over the world. Several thousand hits every month. In fact, type in: lds police stories, or: lds fireman stories, or: lds soldier stories, into your search engine and see where comes up. There is just no better place for members and non members to go than here for spiritually uplifting true warrior stories. I have received several e-mails and letters thanking me for this site. People are reading the stories and their hearts are being spiritually touched.

           In just the last two years, we've had about 80 thousand visits
                                     and 4 to 5 times that many hits.
                                                    But your help is needed.

By sharing your story, your personal experience, your testimony of Christ, you can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people each month. From all around the world without even leaving your home. Think about it.

                           This is the easiest missionary work
                                       and perhaps the most effective missionary work
                                                                      you may ever do.

People who are struggling with their feelings, their experiences, their testimony, their faith in Christ, or just looking for another believer who is like them and can understand them, need your help. Here, they can read your words and be lifted up and helped along the path of life, by you.

Surprisingly, many of the people who are reading these stories are not even cops, soldiers or fireman, etc. Based on the responses I am getting, many of them are family members and friends of such. I can promise you from experience, there are wives, there are husbands, mothers, fathers and children who are praying for someone like you to come along and say something that will touch the heart of their loved one and help them with their testimony.

               You have no idea how or when,  ...something you will say
                                               will help someone else in some other place.
                                                                Your heartfelt and inspired words
                                                      could be an answer to a prayer to someone else.

Weapons Needed For This Call to Arms

                           1) A willing heart
                           2) A testimony of Christ and His Gospel
                           3) A pen and piece of paper or computer
                           4) A desire to help others
                           5) A prayer, asking for direction
                           6) Write, pray over and then submit your story.

           There is just no better place for members and non-members to go
                         to find and read warrior stories by LDS fighting men and women.

                            So if you have had an unusual spiritual experience
                                                      please share it with us here on:

                        Sacred moments, gifts from the Spirit that help you
                                      are good when kept to yourself
                                                    but more times than not,
                                            they are better and more sacred when shared.

To post your story we ask only four things.

       1)   That you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

       2)   That you are or were a police officer, deputy, soldier, fireman, detention officer,
              security officer, EMT, ER personnel or some other branch of emergency service
              personnel or wife, husband, mother, father or family member of such, telling your
              story, your experience, about your loved one who serves/d in emergency service.

      3)   That your story be a true story. It can either be a police story, a story from your
             mission or both or a combination. Something that affected your life for the better.
             Something that if shared, could affect the life of someone else for the better as well.

       4)   At the end, share what you learned, your feelings and your testimony of Christ.
             Just as you would in a Sacrament meeting or at a fireside.

Then submit it to us at
where we will put it into the format as seen in the others.
Thank you and God bless,



First Crippled, Then Slain...

                  There was a soldier story I heard when I was a lad,
                         of a mighty warrior who fell in battle, making me sad.
                  Of those who came against him, none were able to stand.
                         For he was the greatest warrior in the generalís command.
                  His name was Achilles and he was a mighty Greek.
                         He was said to be a defender of the timid and the weak.
                  And then one day in a battle at the city of Troy,
                         a young Trojan defeated him with such a simple ploy.

                  He was a much lesser warrior. Paris was his name.
                         But even though a lesser, he defeated him just the same.
                  He crept up behind Achilles and Achilles saw him not.
                         Paris slashed him in the ankle. It was a simple little plot!
                  His tendon cut, Achilles then fell on the battlefield.
                         Paris, seeing his chance, gave his sword a mighty wield.
                  The great Achilles was first crippled, then slain that day.
                         How sad for a mighty warrior to lose his life that way.

                  I bet Iíve seen that happen a hundred times in peopleís lives.
                         An attack coming from behind them, catching them by surprise.
                  But more times than not, it was brought on by what they did.
                         Usually by a deed or habit they tried desperately to keep hid.
                  They thought their actions would never be discovered by men
                         and thought their doings would never come back to haunt them.
                  But when exposed, their life came crashing to the ground.
                         The eyes of those who admired them, now stare from all around.

                  Know that any weakness you have, the Devil knows it too
                         and he lurks in the background, waiting to use it against you.
                  If you will take that weakness or vice or desire to do what is wrong,
                         and armor against it, you will overcome it and end up strong.
                  You armor against it by controlling what you think about
                         and making sure any filth in your mind stays swept out.
                  Those who believe it is okay to let some of the filth remain,
                         will end up as Achilles on the battlefield ...first crippled then slain.

                                   "...and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble..." Malachi 4:1

                                          Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140, October 2001-a  



"All evil needs to succeed; is for good men to do nothing."
                             Edmund Burke

Thanks and God bless,


 "Think About it..." mailed to your home for only $14.95   S&H included

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