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When I was sixteen years old, one of my best friends came to me and said "Sam, do you really believe that Joe Smith story?"  Having never been asked that before, I said, "Yeah, Doug!  I really do!"  Doug replied, "Sam, the only reason you believe that Joe Smith story is because your parents told you to believe it.  If your parents were any other religion, you would think that religion was true."  Doug walked away and left me standing there, wondering about what he said.  How did I know this Church was true?  Since that time, I have never stopped investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  But it was not until I was called on a Stake Mission and confronted with an onslaught of anti-Mormon literature that the investigation moved into high gear.

I knew that God lived.  The prospect of there being no God, no Creator, was totally illogical to me.  I could no more believe that there was no designer of the universe, this earth, our physical bodies and everything else we see, than I could believe there was no designer of the automobile.  I haven't seen God, but I have not seen Henry Ford either and yet the evidence of Henry Ford's existence was everywhere.  Likewise, the evidence that God existed was everywhere and in virtually everything I looked at.  Logic told me that only arrogance could get someone to believe that all we know is all there is.  The Swiss watch preciseness of everything in the universe was too coincidental to be coincidental.  ...There had to be a creator and that creator had to be God.

Logic also told me that there would have to be one true church.  How could God, creator of the universe, head multiple religions, all of which taught conflicting beliefs?  Multiple and conflicting beliefs that have been the cause of countless religious wars.  I have never been able to believe that God taught conflicting teachings or doctrines and I do not understand anyone who believes He would.  The only logical answer was that the confusion among religions didn't come from God, it had to have come from man.  Realizing that the smartest thing I could ever do was to learn of things eternal, I decided I was going
to find that true Church of Jesus Christ.  And because I was a
police officer, I was going to start by looking at the evidence.  Investigating it from the middle of the road and on no one's side

            Not afraid of being wrong in my current beliefs,
                        I began the most important
                                        investigation of my life.

   Because  ...I,  ...Samuel Jeppsen,
                 ...was going to be a member
                                     of the Lord's true church 
                                               ...if I did nothing else right in my life.

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Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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