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 A Book Called

True Police Stories

with other branches of our
Emergency Service Personnel.

All True Stories Better Known As:

"Warrior Stories"


See also the book
Think About it
now online, for more police and soldier stories


Police Officers, Soldiers and Firemen

are a strange breed.

The more one knows about this group of people, the more one wonders,

...from whence they cometh?

"Inside every warrior is a desire for a righteous battle."
Lt. Col. David Grossman

Why is it that when a, quote, "reasonable and rational person" will naturally run away from life threatening and life saving situations, that this group will naturally run toward them? What causes them to, "Run toward the sound of the gun" ???

                        "Courage is the ability to move;
                                       when all around you are frozen in fear
                                    and no one would blame you if you did nothing at all."
                                               Capt. Benny Click. Phx. PD, Class 151

As a police officer, I have witnessed many things. As an LDS police officer, the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed is that the same LDS officer that would run you through with his sword, would also kneel and pray with you. The same LDS officer that would lay hands upon you and arrest you, would also lay hands upon you and give you a Melchizedek Priesthood blessing. I have seen this amazing phenomena more than a few times. 

Like the last 100 pages of the book, Think About It, (chapters 7 and 8) this section is a collection of special and spiritual warrior stories. A collection of perhaps the most unusual warrior stories you will get chance to read and share with others. If you have a story that you would like to share with others, one you feel would help others with their testimony or with their life, write us. We'd like to post it here for all to read, enjoy and grow from. Spiritual experiences are good and profitable when kept to yourself but more times than not, they are better and more profitable when shared with others. They not only become of worth to others, they become of more worth to you.

               Your unusual experience and testimony can help you as well as others
                                                                    ...if you share it.

                          If your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter
                                           wanted to know something about you,
                                                             what would you want them to know?

This is a new and growing project

So if you are or were a police officer, soldier, fireman or wife, mother, father of such, or some other branch of emergency service personnel and would like to share an unusual testimony building experience with others, please contact us for details at,

or use the link on the front page of this site at,

or mail it to:  18732 E. Peartree Ln, Queen Creek, AZ. 85142

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We are here for your enjoyment.

Please visit us often and tell a friend to come visit us.
Our interests, our desires are to do missionary work.


In a small place called Ch'I, China, around 500 BC, lived a warrior
by the name of Sun Tzu. A general for King Wu. Tzu wrote a book called
"The Art of War." In the beginning of his book is this statement. 

"The art of war is of vital importance to the state.
It is a matter of life and death, a road to safety or to ruin."

Because his work focused on human behavior, so profound was his insight, his book is still being studied by military commanders, business executives and more, today. His words also apply to you, the Christian Soldier, who fights the greatest enemy ever: Satan.

                       "If you know the enemy and know yourself,
                                      you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
                    If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained,
                                                            you will also suffer a defeat.
                              If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
                                                           you will succumb in every battle."

                                                                               Sun Tzu, 500 BC


The Centurions...

     When all God’s children began to come forth,
            there had to be those who would stand and take an oath.
     An oath of great risk to protect and serve all the others,
            who would come to earth, once sisters and brothers.
     The protectors would be called centurions, their duty full of fear.
            Their training beginning now for their dangerous earthly career.
     They’d be going to a violent world, these centurions about to receive birth.
            They’d have to be willing to take another’s life while in uniform on earth.
     Some would carry a rifle and fight for freedom in foreign lands.
            Others would stay at home, fighting criminals and armed bands.

     On earth, they would gravitate toward a centurion’s duty and uniform,
            their parents saying, "We’ve seen this in you from the time you were born."
     These centurions would have to walk into the bloodiest and dirtiest of scenes,
            to solve people’s problems and somehow keep their own lives clean.
     They would have to listen to and be with those who mournfully cry,
            willing to reach out to them, even wiping the tear from their eye.
     They’d have to be the kind who could seem mean and stern.
            And yet also have compassion for others as well as concern.
     And then as they would come to the end of their embattled tours,
            they’d find few who understood their emotional sores.

     Where once they had been kind, forgiving and gentle,
            they now seemed to be angry, cynical and judgmental.
     They’ve seen and lived things that others can turn away from and hide.
            But they had to deal with, their best friend, the weapon at their side.
     Even those who know and love them have accused them of being cold,
            not able to understand them, no matter the times they’ve been told,
     that some of the world’s dirt and soil has rubbed off onto their soul,
            making them rough and sometimes hurting others who try to console.
     But there is one thing that all centurions have to come to understand;
            they have to return to who they were before they agreed to this plan.

     That no matter what you have seen or what you have gone through,
            there is Someone who understands, loves you and has died for you.
     He will wipe away your inner pain and mend your hardened soul,
            and give you what you had before, ...that soft, inner glow.
     There’s a reason why the calling of centurion went to you,
            because the Lord knew that with Him, you’d make it through.
     You’ll have to do what you did in your pre-existent life,
            focus on the good, follow the Lord and walk toward His light.
     Of this I bare testimony of the truthfulness of what I say,
            hoping you will listen to a centurion who’s learned to pray.

                             "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
                                                                     " Matthew 5:9 & 3 Nephi 12:9

                                       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751, June 2K-f


The List of "Warriors" and Their Stories


How To
Submit Your Story

See also the book
Think About it
now online, for more police and soldier stories
For those stories click on "home" or:


The Debriefing...

               "How are  you? It's good to see you, even though it's late.
                      I saw what happened, so I thought I'd meet you at the gate.
               I can see you have several questions you want to ask of Me.
                      Like, what happened, why you, and what about your family.
               There is a lot you won't be able to understand right away.
                      So you'll have to trust Me and take solace in what I say.

               It's no surprise you are here, you've been called home for a reason.
                      The loved ones you left behind will be with you again in a season.
               It was all part of the plan, you know, that you chose to be one to fight.
                      You were called from the beginning to protect others with your might.
               You see, I warned everyone of evil, and that evil was cunning.
                      I warned the others to turn away, to hurry and leave running.

               But if everyone turned away and from evil they ran,
                      then evil would rule because they'd know they can.
               So I had to ask some of you to run not. But instead, stay and fight.
                      This, that evil be stayed, even turn and take flight.
               I asked you few to do your duty, be fare and don't make the mistake
                      of becoming cynical or callous; though it is one many did make.

               I told you, few would understand the call to duty I put in you,
                      and most would question your values and your love of family too.
               I told you some of you would fall and to take no worry of that.
                      That I'd take care of you and your families where're they're at.
               I'm aware that your death there; tares at the hearts of your family,
                      but trust Me, they'll receive love and peace from Me personally.

               Your children will be watched over. I'll take care of them too.
                      And in time they'll understand what it was I asked of you.
               That you be one of those to take up the sword and protect the rest.
                      That you were chosen because you were among My bravest and best.
               Yes, though I asked the others to run from evil with all their might.
                      I thank you  ...for being one who was willing to stay the line and fight."

                          Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140, April, 2003d



"It is the soldier, not the reporter who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and who coffin is draped by the flag, ...who allows the protestor to burn the flag."

                                                  Dennis Edward O'Brien, Chaplain,
                                                  United States Marine Corp.


People look at and their relationship with God the Father
and His Son Jesus Christ, as being a nice sideline to life. But it’s not.
It’s the foundation to everything in life ...if... you want everything that is
valuable to you to last. I’ve learned a lot of good things in my
journey through life. But this is the most valuable thing,
by far ...that I’ve ever learned.

Thank you and God bless,



"Think About it..." mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included

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