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The book
Think About it...
contains numerous interesting police stories related to Gospel principles and
Answers to Anti-Mormon Questions
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This book is probably one of the most unusual religious books you will ever read. Why? Because besides all the police stories this book has, I am a professional (meaning trained and paid) investigator. For twenty-four years, I have been trained to deal with facts, logic and reasonableness. I am a gatherer and presenter of evidence. My expertise is in the field of identification, collection, preservation and the presentation of evidence. 

                         Last but not least,
                                      It is my job to testify to the truthfulness of that evidence.  
                                                  ...And that is how this book was written.

This book contains some of the most unusual evidence ever gathered and compiled, collected from neutral sources and neutral historians. It also contains actual witness statements by the people who lived in that era, making the history told as much by them as by me.  

Throughout the book are numerous police stories. Some are humorous. Some are tragic. They are true stories about real people and are told by the LDS officer that witnessed it. You will laugh and you’ll cry as you read them. The book’s unusual and hard to come by facts are coupled with police style investigative tactics. Almost the entire last one-third of the book is a collection of LDS testimonies. Three are from ex-combat veteran soldiers. Eighteen are police officers and two are from two of the officers’ wives. You will read police stories like you have never read before. The culmination of a five year project, the non-profit, full size book is truly one of the most unusual and unique LDS books you will ever read. 

Think About it... 
(Table of Contents from the Book)

Why should I be a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The Most Important Investigation of My Life

                           “Nobody’sHeroes”                                                                          p.vii
            Introduction.                                                                                                   p.viii
            The Police Stories.                                                                                          p.x
                         “Through The Door”                                                                        p.xii

                                                       Table of Contents

                      “They Invited Him In”                                                                    p.xvi
Chapter One:  
            Values.  Yours, Mine or
Whose?                                                          P.3
A collection of first hand experiences about life and people from
            the eyes of a police officer. True stories about real people.
            Their decisions, their actions and their consequences.
                        “The Heritage”                                                                                
                        “When I was Young”                                                                       

Chapter Two:
          Anti-Mormon Literature. Truth or Lie? decide.            
Anti-Mormon Literature                                                                             
            An Apostasy?                                                                                               
            Are Mormons Christians?”                                                                         
            Interesting Newspaper articles                                                                    
            Joseph Smith’s Civil War “Prediction?”                                                    
            “I Have More to Boast...”                                                                           
            “Mormon Atrocities”                                                                                  
            Joseph Smith and Christianity                                                                    
            Brigham Young’s “Blood Atonement.”                                                      
            Brigham Young’s “Adam God Theory”                                                     
            “You Mormons believe that man can become a God.”                              
            Propaganda through films                                                                          
            Polygamy, the “New and Everlasting Covenant?”                                   
            The Melchizedek Priesthood.                                                                      
            The Mormon “...Cult?” ...10-9??                                                              
            “The Mormon Murders.”                                                                           
             In Conclusion.                                                                                           
                        “My Teddy Bear”                                                                           

Chapter Three:
          Propaganda  ...and the history of the LDS Church.                P.85
The Beginning                                                                                             
            The Complaints about the Mormons                                                          
            The 1838 Mormon-Missouri Conflict                                                         
            The Extermination Order                                                                           
            The Surrender of the Mormons                                                                  
            The Arrest of Joseph Smith                                                                        
            Thirty-Seven Arrests                                                                                  
            Looking at the Conflicts Objectively                                                         
            In Conclusion.                                                                                            
                       “Hitting the Wall”                                                                          

Chapter Four:
          Is There a True Church?  If so, ...Which one?
The Jews.                                                                                                   
            The Pittsburgh Platform                                                                           
            The Columbus Platform                                                                            
            The Early Christianity                                                                               
            The Roman Arena (Circus Maximus)                                                        
            The Spanish Inquisition                                                                             
            The Crusades                                                                                            
            The Breaking Away and the Rising of Multiple Religions                         
            The Teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.        
                          “Where Did All The Families Go”                                             
                          “The Voice of An Old Friend”                                                   

Chapter Five:
          The Holy Trinity? Or the Godhead?
“Finally, some essential facts!”                                                               
              The Nicene Creed, and the arguments for                                              
              The Evidence for Trial                                                                            
              Five undeniable facts                                                                              
                           “My Thought of Christ”                                                            

Chapter Six:
          The Bible and the Book of Mormon.
“We Believe the Bible to be the Word of God”                                        
             The Death of the Apostles and the world history of the Bible                 
            “The Most Translated Book in the World”                                              
             Differences, and the Missing Books talked about in the Bible                
             “We also Believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God”            
              If you wrote the Book of Mormon                                                          
                           “The Second Letter”                                                                 

Chapter Seven:
          The Soldier.
Three Soldiers
            WWII, German Army Soldier-combat veteran; Horst Hilbert                  
            WWII, United States Army Soldier-combat veteran; “Buck” Rogers      
                        “The Conversion”                                                                        
            Viet Nam, United States Air Force Pilot-combat veteran; JR Clark       
                        “Good Bye To You”                                                                      
                        “Go Forth with Faith”                                                                 

Chapter Eight:
          The Testimonies.
Twenty testimonies. Eighteen police officers and two of the wives.

Ordering information       (mailed to your home for only $14.95 S&H included)                           P.317   


CHAPTER  ONE is about values. It a collection of short police stories demonstrating values and how the decisions people make and the consequences they suffer, affect their lives.   

CHAPTER  TWO is about some of the anti-Mormon literature, where it comes from, how it is engineered and used against the LDS Church. It shows how to detect it, how to recognize the truth from the lies and how to defend against the lies. If I received any surprise benefit from investigating anti-Mormon literature, it was the total lack of fear of it.   

CHAPTER  THREE is about the information and mis-information concerning the LDS Church and it’s beginnings, unusual history, told in a most unusual fashion. Perhaps as much as 50% of the history is told by those who actually lived it. Witness statements from those who were there.  

CHAPTER  FOUR is about the search for the true church. The ear marks that the true church would and would not have. A historical look at Christianity prior to 1830.  

CHAPTER  FIVE is about the Holy Trinity. Where it came from and what it means. This is probably the most complete collection of historical facts about the belief of the Holy Trinity you will ever see. 

CHAPTER  SIX is about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. A historical look at both. A collection of historical evidence unlike any you have seen before. 

CHAPTER SEVEN contains the testimonies and stories of three ex-combat veteran soldiers.  

CHAPTER  EIGHT contains the testimonies and stories of eighteen police officers and two of the officers’ wives.

They are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of the officers I work with on a daily basis. Others I may not see but once a year. The City of Mesa is about twelve to fourteen percent LDS. Our department is probably representative of that. I could have asked dozens of LDS officers to share their testimonies because I know a lot of good LDS cops. But there just wasn’t enough room in the book. Like those called to serve in the LDS Church, there were no volunteers here. Those I did ask, I asked because I felt prompted to ask them. When you read what they say, you will know why. I knew some personal experiences about some of the officers, and so, asked them to include that personal experience. But other than those few isolated stories, every person was given a free hand to write what they felt in their hearts to say. Currently, three of the eighteen officers are retired. But at  the time I asked and received their personal testimonies, all were still in service. All were working cops. Fifteen still are.

  The officers are listed in the order of their Years of Service 
(YOS, as of: 010198)

Most people don’t realize that the cop that arrested them today, 
                                    is the same cop that is willing to risk his life for them tomorrow.

Name, Rank & Serial # Agency & Assignment YOS Status
1. Ofcr. Rash, Chris #10740 Mesa PD, Station Three Patrol 3.5 Still in service
2. Ofcr. Johnson, Lance #10003 Mesa PD, Station Two Patrol 5.5 Still in service
3. Ofcr. Gray, Chuck #9257 Mesa PD, Station Three Patrol 8 Still in service
4. Ofcr. Reyes, Mark #10295 Mesa PD, Station Four Patrol 8.5 Still in service
5. Sgt. Solomon, Warren #8183 Mesa PD, Station Two Bikes 10.5 Still in service
6. Ofcr. Petersen, Shawn #4908 Mesa PD, Central D.A.R.E. 11.5 Still in service
7. Ofc. Gardner, Brent #7578 Mesa PD, Training Compound 12 Still in service
8. Pam Kazmaier Mrs. 6550, Veteran Wife 16 Still married
9. Sgt. Kazmaier, Kevin #6550 Mesa PD, Central Admin. 15 Still in service
10. Det. Reed, Allen #183 Tempe PD, Detectives Homicide 15.5 Still in service
11. Ofc. Merrell, Dan #4525 Mesa PD, Central Warrants 16 Still in service
12. Det. Morrow, Stan #4526 Mesa PD, Central Detectives 16 Still in service
13. Ofcr. Dalton, Rick #3515 Mesa PD, Central G.R.E.A.T. 19.5 Still in service
14. Ofcr. Fife, Rick #3926 Mesa PD, Station Four Patrol 21.5 Still in service
15. Ofcr. Teft, Olin #2800 Mesa PD, Station Four Patrol 21.5 Still in service
16. Julie Jeppsen Mrs. 3751, Veteran Wife 27 Still married
17. Ofcr. Jeppsen, Sam #3751 Mesa PD, Station Two Patrol 21.5 Still in service
18. Sgt. Salima, J. R. #9570 Mesa PD, Central Tech. Serv. 23 Still in service
19. Ofcr. Hernandez, Jeff #8417 Mesa PD, Central Motors 23.5 Still in service
20. Ofcr. Stadler, Chuck #4848 Mesa PD, Station One Patrol 25.5 Still in service

                        “Courage; is the ability to move, when all around you are frozen in fear, 
                                                       ...and no one would blame you if you did nothing at all.” 
                                                                                    Captain Benny Click, 1978,
                                                                                    Phoenix. P.D. Class 151

You will not be sorry you bought this book and when you read it, you’ll want another to give to someone you know. So far, probably as much as 15 to 20% of our orders, are multiple orders or are re-orders. 

 Thanks and God bless, Samuel-LDS

A 317 page full size book mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included

Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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A 317 page full size book mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included