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The Book
Think About it...
Why Should I be a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
The Most Important Investigation of My Life

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My name is Samuel Jeppsen. I’ve been a police officer for 25 years. I have read more anti-Mormon literature than anyone I know and probably more than anyone you know. Probably  including any anti-Mormon you know. At one point I had 16 different books of various sizes. My biggest being a book of about 500 pages. I spent almost 3 years reading and investigating their claims. This is all detailed in the book, Think About it...

I believed at the time, when I started, that the anti-Mormons knew several big dark secret that the LDS Church didn't want out. At first I was afraid to delve into it. But, being a police officer, and having my family confronted with hoards of anti-Mormon literature,

                                            I decided that truth was truth
                          and that the Lord would not have me be afraid of truth.

So I went forward and didn't care where the chips fell. I read everything I could get my hands on. But I not only read it, I investigated it. I checked out what they said. I didn't believe or disbelieve anything until I checked it out by using "credited" historians who had no axe to grind. Just credited and unbiased historians. At the end of my investigation, I came to know many sobering truths. One was that reading anti-Mormon literature scared me. But investigating it only made my testimony stronger. This next truth was the most profound of all. And that is that,

                   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
                                                      is the only Church
                                 that even has the possibility of being the true Church.

                                              A bold and arrogant statement,
                                                                 ...unless it's true.

Here is another truth I came to know and understand and appreciate. And that is that all Christian religions, in fact all God believing religions of all kinds, teach good principles and will bring the follower closer to the God in heaven. From the most complex or complete religion to the simplest or least complete religion that teaches no more than there is a God in heaven, each, to one degree or another, bring the follower closer to the God in heaven.

That is an absolute true statement.

        The proof of that statement is that there are good people in every religion
              who have become better people by following the teachings of that religion.

Still another fact is that there are 17 different major religious groups in the world. One of those major religious groups is Christianity, In Christianity, there are over 32,000 different Christian religions or Churches you can join. Over 32,000 different Christian religions! Because I am a believer in Christ, because I believe He is the God of heaven, I realized that there can be only three logical possibilities to explain the over 32,000 different Christian religions. Either The Lord God is unsure on what to teach us, or, as long as we accept Him as our Savior, He doesn't care what we believe. The absolute and only third possibility is that one of the 32,000 is true.

                               Because I am a believer in Christ,
                                       because I am a believer in the Scriptures,
                                                 because I believe in Christianity,
                                         that is how this book got started and where it goes.
          I hope this book helps you in your search, or your friends search for the truth.

It contains numerous interesting police stories related to Gospel principles and
Answers to Anti-Mormon Questions
to the most frequently presented anti-Mormon literature
you or your family will be confronted by.

It is researched and investigated from the middle of the road and on no ones side.
This interesting and informative book is fun to read and like this entire site is non-profit.
You can read it here or it can be mailed to your home or to a friend for only $10.00 dollars.

See the Rear Cover and our Unsolicited Reviews.

It is here, almost in it's entirety for your review, enlightenment and reading pleasure.



Table of Contents


The Police Stories

Chapter One:
Values. Yours, Mine or Whose? P.3
A collection of first hand experiences about life and people from
the eyes of a police officer. True stories about real people.
Their decisions, their actions and their consequences.
“The Heritage” p.6
“When I was Young” p.25

Chapter Two:
Anti-Mormon Literature. Truth or Lie? decide. P.27
Anti-Mormon Literature p.30
An Apostasy? p.39
“Are Mormons Christians?” p.41
Interesting Newspaper articles p.42
Joseph Smith’s Civil War “Prediction?” p.44
“I Have More to Boast...” p.47
Temples p.51
“Mormon Atrocities” p.52
Joseph Smith and Christianity p.56
Brigham Young’s “Blood Atonement.” p.57
Brigham Young’s “Adam God Theory” p.60
“You Mormons believe that man can become a God.” p.61
Propaganda through films p.63
Polygamy, the “New and Everlasting Covenant?” p.66
The Melchizedek Priesthood. p.70
The Mormon “...Cult?” ...10-9?? p.72
“The Mormon Murders.” p.74
In Conclusion. p.79
“My Teddy Bear” p.84

Chapter Three:
Propaganda ...and the history of the LDS Church. P.85
The Beginning p.86
The Complaints about the Mormons p.88
The 1838 Mormon-Missouri Conflict p.90
The Extermination Order p.98
The Surrender of the Mormons p.100
The Arrest of Joseph Smith p.103
Thirty-Seven Arrests p.110
Looking at the Conflicts Objectively p.112
In Conclusion. p.114
“Hitting the Wall” p.121

Chapter Four:
Is There a True Church? If so, ...Which one? P.123
The Jews. p.124
The Pittsburgh Platform p.127
The Columbus Platform p.128
The Early Christianity p.130
The Roman Arena (Circus Maximus) p.133
The Spanish Inquisition p.134
The Crusades p.136
The Breaking Away and the Rising of Multiple Religions p.140
The Teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. p.143
“Where Did All The Families Go” p.157
“The Voice of An Old Friend” p.160

Chapter Five:
The Holy Trinity? Or the Godhead? P.161
“Finally, some essential facts!” p.164
The Nicene Creed, and the arguments for p.166
The Evidence for Trial p.177
Five undeniable facts p.181
“My Thought of Christ” p.182

Chapter Six:
The Bible and the Book of Mormon. P.183
“We Believe the Bible to be the Word of God” p.183
The Death of the Apostles and the world history of the Bible p.185
“The Most Translated Book in the World” p.189
Differences, and the Missing Books talked about in the Bible p.193
“We also Believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God” p.200
If you wrote the Book of Mormon p.205
“The Second Letter” p.209

Chapter Seven:
The Soldier. P.211
Three Soldiers
WWII, German Army Soldier-combat veteran; Horst Hilbert p.212
WWII, United States Army Soldier-combat veteran; “Buck” Rogers p.215
“The Conversion” p.217
Viet Nam, United States Air Force Pilot-combat veteran; JR Clark p.218
“Good Bye To You” p.220
“Go Forth with Faith” p.222

Chapter Eight:
The Testimonies. P.223
Twenty testimonies. Eighteen police officers and two of the wives.
The Line Up p.224
“The Victim” p.226
Officer Chris Rash p.227
Officer Lance Johnson p.229
Officer Chuck Gray p.232
“The Broken Boy” p.237
Officer Mark Reyes p.238
“A Night We Won’t Forget” p.242
Sergeant Warren Soloman p.243
Officer Shawn Petersen p.245
Officer Brent Gardner p.249
Pam Kazmaier p.250
Sergeant Kevin Kazmaier p.254
“Step out of the Boat” p.258
Detective Allen Reed p.259
Officer Dan Merrell p.265
Detective Stan Marrow p.267
Officer Rick Dalton p.269
Officer Rick Fife p.274
Officer Olin Tefft p.280
Sergeant JR Salima p.285
Officer Jeff Hernandez p.287
Officer Chuck Stadler p.290
Julie Jeppsen p.295
“More” p.300
Officer Sam Jeppsen p.301
“The Battle” p.313

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A 317 page full size book mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included