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About Life...


...about life. Itís about learning by experience. Itís about learning
to make life easier by learning to draw closer to our Heavenly Father,
His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.



Copyright Information

Copyright © 2003 by Samuel Jeppsen.
All rights reserved. Like the Book Think About it, no part of this
book may be copied, reproduced or transmitted by any means
without the written permission of the author,

unless is to be used for the building up of the Kingdom of God here upon the earth.
In other words, if it is to be used for good, go ahead.

Spiritually uplifting poems are letters from the Holy Ghost and usually come after trials, tribulations, a spiritual experience or a teaching moment. If you have a poem from such a
moment and you feel it would help someone else and would like to share it with others,
or  or mail to
P.O Box 1583, Queen Creek, AZ. 85142


The Story behind these poems

I believe every good thought is a message from the Holy Ghost. Inspiration from the other side of the Veil. The poem, The Victim, is the first poem I ever wrote. It came in Nov. of '97, after a Priesthood lesson I gave on Christ's Atonement. As I thought about the lesson afterwards, I tried to imagine how the Atonement worked. Three days later, while traveling to work, that poem came to me as I was driving along. I scribbled it down as fast as I could, trying to drive and write at the same time. From start to finish, the whole thing was on paper in one half hour. Each poem has it's own story of inspiration behind it. Of all the poems I've written, I only sat down to write three of them. The rest came in fairly similar fashion. Always after pondering a matter, trial or instance and fairly quickly. Therefore, I affectionately call these poems, "Letters from the Holy Ghost." Each will help you in a different way. Because of the circumstance behind the writing of, The Victim, I've not felt right about changing it. Even to polish the sentences for better rhyming purposes. So I hope you enjoy these poems and I hope they bless your life as they have blessed ours.

For the Latter-day Saint, I think there are at least six you should ponder yourself;

                               The Victim,  The Light,  
                                              A Secret About Priesthood Blessings,
                                                          The Formula
   The Power That Faith Brings
                                                                         and, Will



"Isnít it interesting, that God who knows everything,
still spends time listening to your prayer."

                                                                   Neil A. Maxwell


"Courage; is the ability to move, when all around you are frozen in fear,
and no one would blame you ...if you did nothing at all."
Captain Benny Click, 1978,
Phoenix. P.D. Class 151


A Family Affair.

Alan, Christian, Clay, Samuel, Jim

Clayís Graduation Day, 122200-1700 hours
Welcome to Godís work, son.

If you donít have good-God fearing people in these uniforms;
    ...then who do you have in these uniforms ?

"Remember, ...We work for God !"
Lt. Commander Vernon J. Geberth, NYPD


Police Loyalty Oath

"I, (Samuel Jeppsen) do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution
of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the state of Arizona; that I
will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and defend them against all enemies,
foreign and domestic, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties
of the office of Police Officer according to the best of my ability,
so help me God."

Serving Since
April - 1976 to August - 2000
Active Reserve
August - 2000 to December 12 - 2003

When we married we were two people. As we fell deeper in love, we became two halves.
As we fell deeper still, we became one.  Two people, two halves, to one.


Life... a gift from God. It is His college of higher learning. If we are observant, then life,
at the direction of God, becomes a great teacher. Consequently, if we will take the initiative
to improve ourselves, quite often we can escape the trials that are given us improve us.


The Great Battle In Life

                  The great battle in life ...tis not what you think it would be.
                         Not troubles, getting ahead, anger or even war and weaponry.
                  Tis not trying to deal with others, suffering pain or overcoming evil,
                         tis conquering of the body by spirit, showing who has the greatest will.


  • Title  -  Topic

  • The Great Battle In Life - will power
  • Cherokee Wisdom - the internal struggle between good and evil
  • The Leap of Faith - having the faith to actually trust Jesus Christ
  • Lessons In Trust - Heavenly Father - having faith to know He will catch you
  • His Pathways Are Smooth - having faith and trust and the rewards for such
  • The Submission of One's Will - one with Christ - quote by Neal A Maxwell
  • Do It - encouragement
  • About Life - encouragement - values
  • Oh For A Hero - duty - trials
  • - encouragement to youth and men
  • The Conversion - faith - soldier - coming to know God
  • The Battle - God the Father - working through trials and tribulations
  • The Victim - Jesus Christ - the Atonement - sin - trials
  • The Voice of an Old Friend - Holy Ghost - listening to that small voice
  • The Language of The Spirit - a story of love & quote by Thomas S. Monson
  • The Cop and President Monson - an example of how to treat others
  • My Thought of Christ - Jesus Christ - missionary duty
  • That Barrel of Wheat - tithing - giving - having faith in Christ's word
  • Hey Young Soldier - a call to the youth - duty - missionary - honor
  • Hitting The Wall - faith - enduring - trials
  • My Teddy Bear - Jesus Christ - encouragement - friendship
  • ForgivenessĖForgetfulness - repentance - being forgiven
  • The Pill - encouragement - self reliance
  • A Small Turn of Events - faith - trusting in God - trials
  • He Stayed - Jesus Christ - atonement - His love for us
  • Dear Santa - Jesus Christ - Christmas
  • - a letter from Santa
  • Missionary - missionary work - duty
  • The Word - Scriptures - duty - strength - trials
  • The Gift of My Heart - testimony - true conversion story
  • When I Was Young - growing up - responsibility
  • Step Out of The Boat - Jesus Christ - faith - trials
  • The Forgotten Ingredient - Jesus Christ - trust
  • The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall - losing a loved one - life eternal
  • Oh Pride - encouragement - mistakes
  • The Change - sin - trickery of Satan - repentance
  • Agency - freedom - choices
  • The Burning of The Book - testimony - conversion story - Book of Mormon
  • The Vehicle - missionary work - the Church - the one who won't come
  • The Feeling - family history work - eternal life
  • The Miner - missionary work - duty
  • - perseverance
  • Had I not Prayed Hard Enough - Jesus Christ - faith - trust - patience
  • Off You Go - a graduating police recruit's send off
  • The Centurions - police - soldiers - duty - faith
  • - honor
  • The Sheepdog - police officers - duty - death
  • - service
  • The Debriefing - a warriors welcome home by the Lord - duty - honor
  • Brother to Brother - our brothers in prison - a letter to a brother
  • What Do You Know - Jesus Christ - Atonement - a contrite heart from prison
  • Never Forget - Self worth - encouragement - wisdom from prison
  • The Jerk - resentment - hate - forgiveness
  • Rescued From The Deep - Jesus Christ - foolish choices - Atonement
  • The Imaginary Letter - remembering our loved ones who may be the lonely
  • The Cold Within - the cost of spitefulness - forgiveness - the human heart
  • The Rose - trusting in our Heavenly Father to guide your life
  • Lost and Found - love separated by distance or circumstance
  • The Stones of Repentance - going through the forgiveness process
  • The Coin-Maker and the Coin - the worth of a soul - inmates - forgiveness
  • The Atonement and the Prisoner - a report to the Stake Presidency
  • Those Magic Beans - priorities - wisdom
  • - choosing wisely
  • If You Knew - Jesus Christ - wisdom - duty - perspective
  • The Bridge - Jesus Christ - faith - hope
  • - continuing on
  • One of The Richest in Babylon - priorities - blessings - gratitude
  • The Evidence - faith - religion - science
  • Eternityís Door - life - eternal marriage
  • That Someone - Jesus Christ - blessings - faith - hope
  • The Call in The Wilderness - testimony - change of heart
  • Engage - responsibility to God
  • - responsibility to family - duty - honor
  • DeAnneís Story - testimony - true story - miracle
  • The Lessons of Dad - encouragement - wisdom - growing up
  • That Little Big Man - testimony - true story
  • - strength - persistence
  • The Journey - encouragement - judging others
  • More - religion - the LDS Church
  • The Second Letter - The Book of Mormon
  • It's All Hoeing Weeds - callings - duties
  • What Price Freedom - encouragement - patriotic - true story
  • Why Us - Americans the blessed
  • - country - patriotic
  • Civility And Decent Behavior - George Washington - Valley Forge - rules
  • George Washington's Valley Forge Prayer - the true story of that prayer
  • To My Sons - encouragement
  • The Academy - encouragement - trials - dealing with life
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told - Jesus Christ - Easter
  • The Inside Scoop - Heavenly Father - "insider information" - eternal life
  • The Light - Jesus Christís power transferred to us
  • Walk Forward - Holy Ghost - faith - trust
  • - believing
  • Signs or Coincidence - Jesus Christ - encouragement
  • Those Little Signs - Jesus Christ - faith - blessings
  • Wisdom - Jesus Christ - wisdom
  • The Seventh Day - the Sabbath
  • Happiness - encouragement  
  • The Dangerous City - encouragement - discouragement
  • Your Charge - responsibility - duty to Christ
  • Nobodies Heroes - everyday heroes
  • - choosing to live well
  • His Green Berets - responsibility to Christ
  • - honor - duty of men
  • How Do I Put Into Words - the love a man has for a wife
  • The Hull - marriages that withstand the greatest storms
  • Julieís Ground Rules For Fighting - resolving family issues
  • The Wrestler - temptation - avoiding sin - Satan's snares - a voice of warning
  • First Crippled Then Slain - temptation - avoiding sin
  • - a voice of warning
  • Gentle Ben - police - death of a friend - true story
  • Warriors And Honor - police - religion - duty - Melchizedek Priesthood
  • They Invited Him In - worldly influences - the effect on family
  • All That Is Left To Be Done - forgiving yourself - starting anew
  • The Masterís Touch - Jesus Christ - life
  • - being led by the Master
  • The Thin White Line - police - religion - warrior - duty
  • Trench Soldier - Jesus Christ - missionary work - duty
  • I Wonder - Jesus Christ - Judgment day
  • The Intelligent One - wisdom of men
  • The Scale In Your Favor - Jesus Christ - faith - gratitude - hope
  • Family - the joy of family
  • As If The Only One - Jesus Christís special love for you
  • The Rescue - Jesus Christ - sin - the Atonement
  • Where Did All The Families Go - family responsibility
  • Through The Door - husband and wife - family - lasting marital love
  • The Man In The Mirror - encouragement - values - following the Lord
  • The Answer - encouragement - trials
  • - overcoming tribulation
  • Stand With The Warriors - religious duty - soldiers of Christ
  • - honor
  • Experience - daily trials
  • - encouragement
  • I Only Let Go For A Moment - transgression - regret - the Iron Rod
  • The Maze - finding the true church
  • To Know - testimony - knowing the truth
  • about Christ
  • Father, Where Shall I Work Today - serving in the Lord's kingdom
  • Cumorahís Treasure - The Book of Mormon
  • Battle Cry - religious duty - latter-day Saint
  • - warrior - honor
  • A Laborerís Prayer - duty to Christ
  • - willing to serve
  • The Gate Keeperís Invitation - Judgment Day
  • Always Fair - fairness - judgment
  • A Stormy Day - encouragement - cheer
  • As Those Ancients Stood - testimony - duty - men of valor
  • An Army of One - duty - commitment - will power
  • - steadfastness
  • We The People - America the blessed - duty
  • The Shortest Prayer - Heavenly Fatherís love
  • for you
  • Now As You Go - encouragement - cheer
  • The Angels Did Sing - a mother's Christmas message to her missionary son  
  • That Simple Truth That Came And Stayed - faith - trust - true story bsd
  • A Secret About Priesthood Blessings - Melchizedek Priesthood blessings
  • The Formula - the how to of a Melchizedek Priesthood Blessing
  • The Power That Faith Brings - faith and power - the Mehchizedek Priesthood
  • Blessed Are They - the Melchizedek Priesthood holder
  • Life - Jesus Christ - hope
  • The Power - healing with the Melchizedek Priesthood - sign of the true church
  • His Integrity Test - the need for integrity - the one thing the Lord will not give us
  • A Controlled Environment - the reality of life and it's problems
  • Semper Fi - always faithful - faithfulness to the Lord
  • Those Little Gold Nuggets - Jesus Christ - those little blessings along the way
  • Those Baskets of Food - doing what the Lord asks - favors for Him - for you
  • The Sting - the deception of evil appearing as good - the cost of evil
  • Stewardship - accountability - responsibility - quote by David O. McKay
  • Change and Change For Good -
  • a permanent change in behavior 
  • Not for Punks. Not for Sissy's - The counsel of a crusty ole grandpa
  • The Beautiful Mirror - Christís true church
  • Discipleship - Jesus Christ - quote
  • by Ezra Taft Benson
  • Where Else Is There To Go - Jesus Christ - having faith and trust in Him
  • The Classroom - Jesus Christ - our misunderstanding about life on earth
  • How To Be a Missionary - the nuts and bolts of spreading the gospel
  • The Faith Needed Here - the faith needed in this life and in the next life
  • The Story of Two Mikes - a true story about sadness, priorities and love
  • A Phone Call Home - prayer - staying in touch with our Heavenly Father
  • The Rise of The Anti-Christ's - the rising cry: "Remove Him! Remove Him!"
  • Will - The culmination of a life time of lessons learned
  • Uncompromising Loyalty - inspired by President Gordon B. Hinckley

    The Faith Needed Here...

                                       The amount of faith needed in life here,
                                              as spoken of in the Scriptural Text,
                                        is becoming increasingly clear,
                                              is a pittance of what's needed in the next.


    A Police Officers Prayer

    Dear God,

    Grant me the strength to protect those who cannot protect themselves,
    the wisdom to serve my community to the best of my ability,
    and the courage to face what ever stands in the way.
    In the Lordís name, Amen.



    ...dedicated to Three friends...

    One cannot adequately express the love he has in his heart for The Father,
    Son and Holy Ghost. Especially when one finally realizes just how indebted
    he is to Them. Because of The Father, I was granted life and opportunity. Because of His Son, I was granted The Gift of Salvation and a pathway
    back home. Because of The Holy Ghost, I have a constant companion, comforter and mentor. And because of Their love for me, I have the
    opportunity to be with Them, and my wife and family, ... forever.

    Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna,
    to God and the Lamb.

    And to Julie. She was first my girlfriend, then my wife, then my eternal
    companion. Today, she is, and has always been, very best friend.
    And to my ever growing family, who brings me more joy than I can express.


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    "Think About it..." mailed to you for only $10.00  S&H included
    Makes a great gift for you or someone you love

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    "Think About it..." mailed to you for only $10.00  S&H included
    Makes a great gift for you or someone you love