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     The Thin White Line...

It began when I was a little boy,
       as an almost overwhelming desire to fight
those who were mean and hurtful
       to others with all my physical might.
I remember dreaming of the day
       when the uniform I would so proudly wear,
would bring hope and peace to those
       who grieved from injustice and despair.

I would be dashing and daring and fearless
       like the legendary knights of old,
in my clean and polished armor,
       I would stand strong, courageous and bold.
As time traveled on I never lost sight
       of that childhood dream and goal.
I knew that one day, the defender of the weak
       would be my shining role.

And then one day it happened, I was in uniform,
       taking an oath, a badge and gun.
My youthful dreams had come true,
       no longer just a small boy having fun.
Itís hard for me to describe in words,
       the deep feelings in my heart that I felt.
But to thank God who gave me this chance,
       many times Iíve humbly knelt.

Now as an American police officer,
       I was like a brand new flag unfurled
and part of an elite fighting force
       in the largest standing army of the world.
I had many experiences as a police officer.
       Some made me very discouraged and sad.
I had been in fist fights and shootings
       and met people who were nothing but bad.

But it was the good people that hurt me the most,
       thinking I was a lesser sort of bloke,
because my job had left me with scars
       as well as blood upon my cloak.
But mostly I remember the good times
       when I did my best to help someone in need.
Like the deaf and dumb man I found one day,
       reading his Bible, hidden among the weeds.

Or like the little boy named C J, who said,
       "Bucky keeps knocking my hat off my head."
Or when I laid in the dirt to help a lady,
       whose husband lay crushed and dead.
In a strange way I really loved that career,
       in fact I spent about 25 years of time
being part of that force for good,
       affectionately known as, "The Thin Blue Line."

Part of those who had actually stood against evil,
       sworn to do what was right.
Those who stood with their sword
       and shield fighting with all their might.
But as much joy as that duty and service brought me,
       it is only second to the first.
For thereís a greater duty that touches my soul
       and quenches my inner thirst.

This battle line of which I refer
       is an extension of a much more pre-existent war.
The war in heaven spoken of in Revelation,
       as a fight we had fought before.
Where the dragon whose tail drew a third of the stars,
       fought against the angels of heaven.
And Michael and his angels defeated him
       and from heaven the dragon was driven.

The dragon, now called the serpent,
       wages the same war here on earth as before,
deceiving those who follow him,
       marching them into the sea from the shore.
The weapons of war are spelled out in Revelation,
       chapter twelve, the eleventh verse,
where those who chose the Son,
       became the elite fighting force in the universe.

It was the shield of the Lamb that protected them,
       the sword of their testimony that touched
the hearts of the ones that almost wouldnít listen,
       the others that He loved so much.
In a very real way I really love this work,
       in fact Iíll spend the rest of my years and time
being part of this force for good,
       affectionately known as, "The Thin White Line."
Part of those who actually stand against evil
       and have sworn to do what is right.
Those who stand with their sword and shield
       ...fighting with all their might.

   "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
   and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140 Jan.2001-b


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