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               They Invited Him In

He is tall and oh so handsome, but he’s evil in his heart.
       A vile and wicked wanderer, a master of the dark.
His words are full of flatter, his eyes are full of charm.
       But that smile upon his face, hides his mind that’s full of harm.
His morals, they are low, as his actions will have shown.
       And others reap the sorrow, where his evil seeds are sown.
But he’s sly and very witty, as his victims all will vow.
       He will press you for admittance, to your home with just a bow.
Locks can never stop him, he has auxiliary means.
       Of making good his entrance, through more calculating schemes.

The family that permits him, to come in their humble house
       was at best, so unsuspecting of this sly and evil louse.
At first he would come over, just once upon a while
       but soon his visits increased as did his cunning smile.
He quickly made his visits so they came most every night.
       And the children so adored him to the parents’ grand delight.
Now the parents were aware of his villainistic ways,
       but again, they were enamored by his dazzling role-plays.
He would act out all his conquests with such beauty and such form.
       And the vilest of his evil deeds, he’d display them as the norm.
and with passion they did cheered him and gave abundant praise,
       overlooking all his bad points and ignoring his vile ways.

He’d become their new found hero, they practiced well his lines,
       they mimicked all his movements, they learned his crude designs.
And soon this precious family was bad unto the core.
       They’d become just like their hero, an unprincipled eyesore.
Now you ask how could this happen; cause they’re smarter than all that?
       If he had asked them to come in, they say no right off the bat!
They’re not dummies, they could see what this fellow’s all about,
       how could this dear sweet family allow this scoundrel so much clout?
Why would that wholesome family invite the villain in?
       And allow him so much freedom to infect them with his sin?
They never had intended to become what they became,
       it started out so slowly, they just didn’t see the shame.

The answer is quite simple, but will surprise you all to know,
       you’ve done the very same, though you’ll deny that it is so.
You’ve invited him to enter into your own abode.
       You’ve promoted all his antics, as through you home he’s strolled.
The villain, can’t you see, and in case you still don’t know,
       was the hero that’s portrayed in most television shows.
His lines you have repeated, and so have all your kids.
       You’ve chuckled at his jokes, you say "No!" Oh yes you did.
Cunningly, he duped you, I’ll say it once again;
       each time you turn the TV on, you invite him in again.

       Officer Charles Dale Gray, #9257, 1995


Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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