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                          The Rescue...

It started out as such a beautiful day. I remember it oh so well.
       I walked the deck of the ship, watching the sea shrink and swell.
The journey had been smooth until now. Everything had been fine.
       The evenings had been full of laughter, moonlight, dance and dine.
The days had been wonderful. They were bright sunny and cool.
       I felt like a king who had everything but a kingdom in which to rule.

But that eve was turning out to be different. A storm was on the rise.
       The sea had become rough and eerie. A darkness had filled the skies.
But I didn’t worry much, I was sure I could handle things;
       the rain or the rough sea or whatever the coming storm brings.
I was told to exercise wisdom. But I wasn’t worried though.
       I felt I could do what I want ...and go where I wanted to go.

The sea was getting rougher, the waves crashing against the ship.
       So I began holding the ship’s rail, so I wouldn’t fall or slip.
I should’ve gone back inside where I knew it was safe and dry,
       but my ego got the best of me and it changed the focus of my eye.
Then suddenly it happened, a wave that would prove to be my snare
       came and with it’s passing, would begin my worst nightmare.

With one huge crash, it swept me–straightaway into the angry sea.
       Where none could hear my screams nor have any chance to help me.
I felt like a leaf in a gale. I was totally out of control of my life.
       The skies were dark and dreary. I’d never known such fear and strife.
The waves were crashing upon me, driving me into the deep.
       I now had become certain that I would find a watery sleep.

With my last bit of energy, I tried to cry out for the Lord above,
       but my lungs had filled with water. Yet ...somehow I could feel His love.
Suddenly my head was above water. I could breath. How, I do not know.
       But the storm was beginning to subside and in the heavens I could see a glow.
I battled the storm with new energy. Some kind of change had taken place.
       Somehow I knew I would make it. I could feel His love and embrace.

It was then I began to realize that the ship was actually my life.
       The growing storm had been my actions with people, family and wife.
The wave that swept me off the ship, turning my life upside down,
       had been a great sin of mine, that almost caused me to drown.
And there I would be, still in the deep, until my life was spent,
       had I not cried out for the Lord above and been rescued by His atonement.

   "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead,
   yet shall he live...I Am, whose arm of mercy hath atoned for your sins. Return unto me,
   and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts." St. John 11:25, D&C 29:1, Malachi 3:7"

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140, Easter 2002


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