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                     The Feeling...

There is a certain feeling, no one can explain just what it is,
       but you can feel it in your soul, itís like a spiritual bliss.
It comes as soon as you walk through those glass doors
       and it permeates the building from ceiling to floors.
Many try to define it, to understand it and then to explain,
       just what that feeling is, why itís here and why it remains.

Youíll see it in the missionaries, often smiling from ear to ear.
       And you see it in the patrons when they find a loved one so dear.
Youíll also see people of different ethnics, faiths and personalities,
       working to find their family whoíve been gone for many centuries.
Searching books and films, putting together their family tree,
       just as if they were answering some sort of ancestral plea.

I wonder if our eyes could be opened, if we would probably see
       the thousands of our kindred dead, that are waiting anxiously.
Patiently standing by, some for hundreds and hundreds of years,
       waiting to be sealed to their families, having shed many tears.
They watch as we walk around, looking through this book and that,
       trying to understand the difference between a ward, an E.D. or a plat.

The patronís desire to search is strong, as if an Uncle or Auntie,
       were speaking spirit to spirit whispering, "Please donít forget me."
So perhaps that strange feeling of joy is much easier to understand,
       when one becomes as those whoíve caught the vision of Godís plan.
To tie the posterity of Adam and Eve into one unbroken chain,
       of husbands, wives and children, so their family can be maintained.

Itís probably their feeling of joy, permeating through the veil,
       that spills into our hearts, motivating us to work without fail,
to first link them to their family and then seal them one day,
       so they can be a family forever, ...this they often pray.
At times youíll see their tears of joy, once fell as worry and sadness,
       now stain the patronís faceís with smiles and tears of gladness.

Because without this earthly ordinance, they would be left behind,
       to unfortunately enjoy a lesser heaven, one of a different kind.
The greater heaven will have family units, a heaven of married couples,
       instead of a brother and sister family, a heaven of unmarried singles.
Maybe thatís why our ancestors try so hard, never seeming to rest,
       because without a family forever, ...all else is just second best.

   "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever
   thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven...Else what shall they do
   which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then
   baptized for the dead? ...God knoweth; such an one caught up to the third heaven...
   as Paul says concerning the fathersĖthat they without us cannot be made perfect,
   neither can we without our dead be made perfect. " Matthew 16:19,
   1st Cor. 15:29 and II Cor. 12:2, and D&C 128:15

       Written while serving a mission at the Mesa Family History Center.

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen. #3751 (Ret) R# 140, April 2001-b


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