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        The Call in The Wilderness...

Many many years ago, there was this one who lived at home.
       In a place so very beautiful that he had no urge to roam.
His life there was filled with so much joy and happiness,
       that he never experienced any pain or suffered any sadness.
He ran among the grassy hills, reaching for the sky as he went.
       He never had a care or worry. His days were easily spent.
And then one clear and beautiful morning, he had to go and stay
       with people hed never seen before, in a world that was far away.
He would experience pain and sadness, far beyond his imagination,
       wondering why he had to come to this remote, woeful destination.
In this new world, there were times when just staying alive
       taxed every ounce of his courage and stamina to survive.
For this new world he now lived in was nothing like the old.
       It was hard and bitter and often times very brutal and cold.

And then one night, during a time in his darkest hour,
       there came a voice from the wilderness that gave him power.
Now they said that what he heard was just the call of the wild.
       But the voice that spoke to him, spoke with the gentleness of a child.
And though he tried to ignore it, the feeling seemed to last.
       Almost as if someone were calling him from out of his past.
He returned to his duties but he was never able to forget
       the feelings that stayed in his heart, once the call had left.
And as the days and weeks continued to travel on,
       the feeling stayed with him; there was another place he belonged.
For he had experienced something and he would never be the same.
       A something that now burned inside him, like a tiny little flame.
Day by day the flame grew until it became a roaring fire.
       Now following that voice he heard, had become his greatest desire.

And now this call of which you hear me speak,
       is the burning testimony that you have buried deep.
And whether that buried testimony is a flicker or a flame,
       it still lives deep inside each and everyone of us the same.
It is a call in the wilderness from the One who gave you life.
       Its a beacon in the darkness that draws you toward His light.
That call in the wilderness is from your Heavenly Father above,
       calling you toward Him, Spirit to spirit, because of His love.
That voice you hear in the wilderness comes by way of your heart.
       Listen closely and you will hear it, for it will never depart.
It has been with you from the time you were born,
       beckoning you toward Him, without any scorn.
And if you will heed that voice and choose not to roam,
       that call in the wilderness will guide you back home.

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751, June 2K-h

   Dedicated to all those who one day turn their heart back to their
                     Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

   "If you have not chosen the kingdom of God first, it will in the end,
               ...make no difference what you have chosen instead."
                                                      Neil A. Maxwell


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