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              That Little Big Man...

Hes about a five foot-six, full blooded Danishman.
       I guess he doesnt stand very tall in the world of men.
And some think hes a funny, even different sort of guy.
       But I have to tell you, he sure stands tall in my eye.
Id like to say weve always gotten along but that isnt the truth.
       There were times when I clashed with him when I was in my youth.
I remember one time when he made me sit for half an hour,
       until I managed to tie my shoes under my own little power.
It would have been so much easier for him to tie them instead,
       but he made me do it myself, no matter how I cried and pled.

You see, he had already shown me a dozen times how to tie em on my own,
       I guess he knew if he didnt make me, he could be tying em till I was grown.
In just that one simple lesson, dad taught me I could do more than I believed.
       A simple lesson that has come back to me with everything Ive achieved.
My mother, bless her heart, would always come to my troubled aid.
       Shed make excuses for me and try to solve the messes that I made.
But dad was different. Hed hold me accountable for the things Id done,
       not willing to excuse them away as just a young boy having fun.
While mom tried to protect me, fighting my battles that came along,
       my dad knew I had to fight them myself so Id learn to be strong.

My mother is extremely special to me. I love her more than I can express.
       But dads firmness has helped me gut through many of lifes tests.
If there is one thing Ill remember about him until my dying day,
       its that no matter what happened to him, he never lost faith or turned away.
You see, no matter how hard dad tried, a lot of his dreams never came true.
       But he taught each one of us kids to stick things out until you seeem through.
During many of his darkest hours, when I would have quit and said, "Oh well!"
       I never once saw him where he didnt get up more time than he fell.
And no matter how many times I saw his dreams crumple to the floor,
       I never once saw him turn and curse and try to blame the Lord.

Hes strong in the gospel, always leading us in family prayer
       and dad would give us his last dollar without hesitation or care.
Hes kind and gentle, this little old man among men,
       who is only five foot-six now, but once stood five foot-ten.
And it wont be long before he leaves this world for another,
       to go prepare a way for us, his family and his girlfriend, my mother.
Yeah, ...that little guy might not be much in the eyes of men,
       but I have to tell you I love that little big man more than I can pen.
Where I thought these words were meant for the man who bounced me on his knee,
       as I wipe my tears I can plainly see ...that they were actually meant for me.

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751, July 2K-b

                                            To the man who turned out to be,
                                                     the very best dad for me.
                                     And though many times I made you sad,
                                     I want you to know I really love you dad.
                                                          041215 to 102700


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