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         A Small Turn of Events...

I find myself wondering as I look back at my life,
       I wonder as I look at all the trouble and strife.
Why was it necessary to experience all the hardship and pain?
       What was it I was to learn? Was anything really to gain?
Much of that pain comes from things I have done in my past.
       They bother me still, not going away but seeming to last.
I wish I could take an eraser and erase some of those dark days
       and replace them with good memories of family, fun and play.
Still, I canít help but wonder whatís the reason for it all
       and how would my life be different if Iíd made better calls.
Wiser decisions that would have brought me happiness in the end,
       wiser decisions that would not have left regret as my friend.
I often wonder why God loves or remembers someone such as I,
       someone who has not a mote, but a large beam in his eye.

"Peace be unto you; be still and know that I Am.
       Cease to berate yourself and listen if you can.
Because you are My child, I love and will never forget you.
       I know where youíre at and I know what youíre going through.
And donít think that during the times you said were so hard to bear,
       donít think for a minute that I havenít always been there.
And donít think that things could not have been worse,
       or that I had ever been mean or ever given you a curse.
The troubles youíve gone through have made you stronger and wise.
       Though you seldom understood it, most were blessings in disguise.
It was the things you feared and dreaded the most,
       that gave you strength and stamina and kept you afloat.
Yes, it was the troubled and turbulent waters you faced,
       that built the character, courage and faith youíve embraced.

But I never allowed more than I knew you could take,
       though many times you felt you stood at Hellís gate.
Iíve always been there for you, even in your darkest hour.
       Iíve always reached out, taken your hand and given you power.
Power to overcome the obstacle that helped to make you strong.
       Yes, there were many times I reached down from My Heavenly Throng!
If you will look back at your past from all the troubles youíve faced,
       there is one fact, one constant, that cannot be erased.
When things were at their worse and you were sure you were going to fall,
       it was the smallest turn of events that led to the greatest miracle of all.
So have faith and be quick to remember Me, and Iíll be quick to remember you.
       Show courage and strength and always count on Me to help you through.
And when things are again at their worse, your back is once more against the wall,
       I will create a small turn of events, causing another ...greatest miracle of all."

   "For I am God, and mine arm is not shortened; and I will show miracles,
   signs, and wonders unto all those who believe on my name." D&C 35:8

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751, Jan. 2K-b


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