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                 Hey Young Soldier...

Hey young soldier, are you lost and donít know where to go?
       Youíre a warrior from above. Did you forget or didnít you know?
Thatís your mission in life, thatís who you really are.
       Youíre a highly trained soldier, sent here from afar.
So donít choose things of the world and donít waste your life away.
       Be careful of the choices you make, donít be fooled by whatís on display.
The world is teaching you to make light of whatís right and good,
       hoping that you will become confused and not do as you should.
Good is being laughed at, belittled, even torn down and scorned,
       while evil is being rationalized, held up and proudly adorned.
Some friends are wanting you to believe that what is wrong, is actually right.
       Yet they talk in hushed tones and do their deeds in secret and dim light.

Try to remember young soldier, remember back to the beginning.
       Do you remember shouting for joy as Godís plan was unfolding?
You were there at the grand council when the Father unveiled His plan.
       You were there when it was voted on and all in favor were asked to stand.
You not only voted in favor and chose to stand among all the rest,
       you volunteered for these, the latter-days, standing among the best.
You saw the creation of the world, you saw the star that fell from heaven.
       You saw that it was Lucifer, he who had been cast out for rebellion.
You saw the deceit of Satan and you saw the fall of Adam.
       You saw the flood of Noah and watched the plagues of Egypt happen.
You saw the birth of Christ our Lord and you saw His life was good.
       You saw them lie and accuse Him and saw Him nailed to a cross of wood.
You heard Him say He was coming back and the righteous He would bring.
       You heard Him say to the wicked, His second coming would be a sting.

And now itís your turn on an earth that is slipping deeper into moral decay,
       a world where the line between right and wrong has become ragged and frayed.
It takes courage when you have to stand alone and refuse to do wrong,
       especially when so many others are saying, "Oh come on, just go along."
Donít make excuses for bad behavior, always keep your integrity intact.
       Donít be afraid to stand alone and donít let anyone lead you off track.
Be brave and remember that courage is the ability to do what is right,
       when others around you seem frozen in step from the confusion or fright.
Remember that you were one of the chosen ones for these the latter-years,
       that you were held in reserve for when the fighting would be so severe.
You promised before you left that courage and faith youíd always show,
       thatís what you promised before you came to earth, not so long ago.
Your parents, your ancestors, your posterity are on bended knee and pray,
       that you will be valiant and remember the promises you once made.
Know that in the pre-existence you were one of the Lordís green berets,
       saved for the most troubling times of all, these the latter-days.
So remember young warrior, remember just who you are.
       Remember youíre a highly trained soldier, sent here from afar.

   " thou strong therefore, and show thyself a man." 1Kings 2:2

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751, Dec 1999-b


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