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                         Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, Iím so glad that soon you will be here.
       I wish Christmas could come more than just once a year.
There are so many things that I want and that I have written down.
       I hope when you see my list, you donít become discouraged or frown.
Besides all the toys and a new nose for my stuffed bear named Panda.
       I really need a very special gift from you this year Santa.
You see, my big brother is terribly ill, the doctors are worried he will die.
       So this year for Christmas I want a gift that will keep my brother alive.
I will gladly trade all the gifts for me that you will ever give,
       if my big brother could get better and I can know that he will live.

My familyís praying that his life be spared and he soon be out of danger.
       But I canít seem to pray to God right now, I guess inside, I feel anger.
I donít understand why people get sick or hurt or why we get sad and cry.
       Or why bad things happen to good people or why my brother might die.
I believe in God, but I donít understand and I want my brother to make it through.
       And so here I am Santa, asking if there is something that you can do.
It would be the best gift of all if you could help my brother through this.
       So please make my wish come true... love, big brotherís little Sis.

Dear little Sis, I got your letter in the mail today.
       I seldom write back cause Iím busy with Christmas on the way.
But I have to admit that when I read your letter, it really made me cry.
       There is something you need to understand and I pray you at least try.
You see, the wonderful things youíve asked, I donít have the power to give.
       I donít think you really understand just who I am or where I actually live.
The beautiful home where I live with my reindeer and all my elves,
       frantically making Christmas toys and storing them on my shelves,
is not far away in the North Pole, in a remote snow covered station,
       itís deep inside your heart and mind, in the world of imagination.
I travel the world in my sleigh, through the hearts and minds of the living.
       Reminding them to be kind to each other, all through the spirit of giving.

Please donít be mad at God for things like your big brother becoming ill.
       Though God could control everything Heís given us our own freewill.
And though your big brother is not ill because he did something wrong,
       sometimes trials and tribulations are given to help make us strong.
Even in things like death, the taker of the young and old, big and small,
       itís merely a call to return home to God, ...the Father of us all.
So little Sis, Iíd like to be the one who could help you with your brother,
       but prayers donít get answered by Santa, theyíre answered by another.
Go to God the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, believing you will receive,
       and then leave it in His hands because He loves you more than you perceive.
Remember that Christmas is about Jesus Christ, our Savior and Godís only Begotten,
       though most people donít seem to understand that, or maybe theyíve forgotten.
But when people revel at Christmas, putting me at the head of the celebration,
       they really miss the boat, because itís about Christ and His gift of Salvation.
So cheer up little Sis, and Iíll see what I can do for your bear named Panda,
       and keep your faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ... love, Santa.

   "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
   no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751, Christmas, 1999-d


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