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Chapter Seven:

                   The Testimony of Three Soldiers...

This chapter is dedicated to the soldier and his family. All my life I have admired soldiers. They have an intrigue all their own. Besides the Bible and the Book of Mormon containing Godís dealings with His people, they also contain numerous stories about battles and the soldiers that fought them. There is a painting by Arnold Friberg of Alma baptizing the Christians at the Waters of Mormon. At the right, is a soldier. Heís standing guard, looking the other way, protecting the others. When I was young, I used to stare for long periods of time at that guy. Even before I wanted to be a police officer, I wanted to be a soldier. Outside the soldiers in the Bible and Book of Mormon, to me the greatest soldiers that God ever raised up were the soldiers He raised for the specific purpose of founding this country. On my wall is a picture of George Washington kneeling by his horse in prayer during the battle of Valley Forge.

ďIt is the duty of nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey
His will, to be grateful for His benefits and humbly to implore His protection and favor.Ē
                                             George Washington

But history has proven that God scattered great men and women all throughout time. Men and women who were to become soldiers that His purpose might be fulfilled. Men and women who were willing to give their life that others might live. People who were driven not by fame or fortune, but were driven by high ideals, honor, love of God, love of country and their countrymen. Here are three examples of what I mean. Here are the testimonies of three ex-soldiers. These testimonies are from personal friends and tell of their very personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are ex-fighting men and their testimonies are of the divinity of God The Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Ghost and the truthfulness of this Church. They are soldiers who not only followed orders, they are soldiers who did what they knew in their heart was right. Here are their words. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting in July of 1990, about liberty, our freedoms and our blessings from the Lord to this great country of ours.

There was a portion of the talk that was about WWII and Nazi Germany and the role the US played in stopping the war and the aggression. Afterwards, an elderly gentleman, with a strong German accent came up and began talking to me. He told me he was a German soldier during WWII.

As I listened to this old German soldier, I was reminded of the first and only other German soldier I had ever met. He was my scout master when I was fourteen years old. We went on a long bike ride and he told us to bring food, not money! But being the bright young, never experienced hard times and smarter than the scout master, all American boys that we were, we brought money! We stopped after about ten miles. We were famished and there wasnít a store in sight. Our scout master, in his strong German accent and broken English said, "See are hungry! I told you to bring food! You brought money instead! Now eat your money!" He wasnít trying to be mean to us, he was trying to teach us a lesson in life! From that single experience I understood the principles of food storage and being properly prepared. As my mind came back to what this old German soldier was saying, he shared this war time experience with me. He said,

"I fought in WWII. I was LDS then too. There were about 600 Mormons who were killed in Hitlerís Army in WWII. We tried to keep track of each other, but I never knew any others besides myself. I fought on the Russian front. One day we were clearing a small Russian village. I canít remember the name, there were so many. We were going house to house. The unofficial order was to kill whoever we found, but not everyone followed that. I came to a cellar door. I opened it and inside was a woman with her two children. She was trying to hide them from me. She was holding them behind her. Terror was on the womanís face. Her two children had their arms wrapped around the womanís legs and were peering out from behind her dress. In front of the woman was a half bottle of milk. The woman picked up the milk and offered it to me that I might take it instead of their lives. As I stood there, my rifle still pointed at the woman, I said,

                    "Woman, your children need that milk more than I do.
                                              ...and I shut the cellar door, and walked on."

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                               It is the soldier, not the reporter
                                who has given us freedom of the press.
                         It is the soldier, not the poet,
                                who has given us freedom of speech.
                         It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
                                who has given us freedom to demonstrate.
                         It is the soldier who salutes the flag,
                                who serves beneath the flag
                         and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
                                ...who allows the protestor to burn the flag.

                                                   Dennis Edward O'Brien, Chaplain
                                                   Unites States Marine Corp.


                               In the Bible and Book of Mormon,
                                         there are several stories about men of war,
                                               yet men of high honor and ideals.
                          Soldiers who were not afraid to be known as men of God.



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A 317 page full size book mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included

Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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A 317 page full size book mailed to you for only $10.00   S&H included