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                 The Sheepdog...

Of all the creatures who live on Godís green earth,
       of all those that spawn, lay eggs or that give birth,
from the human, the lion, the tiger or even the bear,
       there is one thing that all Godís creatures share.
They will all move away from the sound of the gun.
       There is but one that will move toward it and not run.
That one, that singular creature, wears a human face,
       and he brings both misery and joy to the human race.

So who is the one who goes toward the sound of the gun
       when all other creatures, man or beast, turn and run?
It is the warrior, thatís who! And heís like no other creature.
       No, no other creature on the face of the earth bears that feature.
But there are two kinds of warriors, the good and the bad.
       Two kinds of warriors that make us happy or sad.
At a distance, you may think that both kinds look alike.
       But inside, the warriors are different as day and night.

To one, itís an opportunity to take advantage or to subject.
       To the other, itís a feeling of duty. Itís a need to protect.
Yes, the two kinds of warriors are different throughout.
       Itís the wolf and the sheepdog that Iím talking about.
The majority of people are kind, no harm would they bring.
       They are good people who always try to do the right thing.
They are as the sheep in the field, going about their daily lives,
       trying to better themselves and others as opportunities arise.

The wolf roams the edges of the field, feeding on the sheep.
       When he catches one not looking, he sinks his teeth in deep.
He rips and tears their life apart, causing mayhem and disaster,
       not caring about the pain he brings or the pain he leaves thereafter.
He looks for the old, the lame or weak, when moving in to make his kill.
       Heíll run in packs. No honor has he. His soul is ugly, his thinking ill.
The wolf, a pirate and predator is feared by everyone who roams the field.
       All except for the sheepdog who tries to keep order and carries a shield.

The sheep seldom think about the sheepdog, their lives busy with other things.
       But they like knowing that heís there. They like the security that he brings.
His duty is to protect the sheep and fight the wolf, even to the loss of his life.
       And he prays God will understand his inner scars that came from all the strife.
So when next you see a police motorcade for yet another fallen sheepdog go by,
       say a prayer for those that follow him, theyíll all have a tear in their eye.
Protecting the sheep and fighting the wolves is a duty the sheepdog feels in his heart.
       May he rest in Godís grace in a heavenly place. May his memory never depart.

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 Feb. 2K-b

   Inspired by Lt. Col. David Grossman, and the three most recent valley officers,
   killed in the line of duty. Officer James Snedigar #312, Officer Goelet Beuf #6896,
                                                    Officer Skip Fink #940.

   Dedicated to the men and women who risk their lives in Law Enforcement,
                       ...and to the family and friends they leave behind.


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