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                          The Miner...

All day long he swings that pick and digs the ground with his shovel.
       Digging, searching, hoping to find some gold in all the rubble.
He looks for a piece of gold that lies deep within the ground,
       a piece of gold forcing no man to seek it, or wanting to be found.
As he works, the sun and heat bear down on his neck and back,
       pushing his strength and stamina to the point they almost crack.

Everything seems to work against him, at times he feels hes alone.
       Especially when all he has for his efforts are sore and aching bones.
He swings that pick with all his might, driving it deep into the ground.
       Numbing his fingers when he hits a rock, driving his attitude down.
Though his hands have become stronger, they often crack, blister and bleed.
       Yet hell work until hes exhausted, becoming weak and falling to his knee.

When the work becomes too much hell rest or slow his pace.
       And when he does, hell stand there and stare off into space.
He wonders, "Whats the use," as he wipes the sweat from his soiled brow.
       Wondering why he tries, as he watches his sweat fall on the ground.
With so little success he begins to doubt and question his original plan.
       Where once he had lofty dreams, now he wonders if hes a foolish man.

He looks and sees an animal on the ground and a bird in a nearby tree.
       Saying to himself, "Look at them, I bet even they are laughing at me."
People smile as they pass by, "Youre wasting your time," they often say.
       But inside, he cant seem to give up, all he knows is to work and pray.
So day after day he swings that pick, looking for a little piece of gold.
       Day after day he swings away, dreaming of finding that mother lode.

Through it all, hes become a much stronger and wiser man inside.
       Becoming humble and understanding and losing a thing called pride.
He wont quit, saying success will not come by feeling sorry for himself.
       He has his own reasons for going on. He says hes looking for lasting wealth.
And then one day while working away, he found a sparkle in the ground.
       A sparkle so bright it lit up his face and made his heart race and pound.

Yup, was gold all right. There wont be any doubt on anyones part.
       And he cant express the joy he has or the feelings deep in his heart.
That piece of gold brought him priceless joy, though not the way you think.
       It was what that piece of gold did for others that put the smile on his cheek.
Somewhere he hears a voice, "Was it worth it?" Yes and hed do it all again,
       for the joy that filled his heart, when he saw that gold in the eye of a friend.

   "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto
   this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy
   with him in the kingdom of my Father." Doctrine and Covenants, 18:15

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751, May 2K-a


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