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                            The Light...

One night when I lay down to sleep, I began to wonder and dream.
       What was it that gave Alma the younger and Paul so much steam?
Here were two men who at one time were so wicked and bad
       that when confronted with their ugliness became woeful and sad.
Almaís story is told in Mosiah, chapter 27, verse eight and on,
       a man who hated the church, hurting members as he went along.
The angel who spoke to him said the Lord was aware and wroth
       and to cease persecution, "Even if thou wilt of thyself be cast off."
Paulís story is told in Acts, chapter 9, starting with verse three,
       in a light from heaven the Lord said, "Why persecutest thou me?"
He was a man who was, "Breathing out threatenings and slaughter",
       against every member of the church, their son and their daughter.
But when converted, they became two of the most valiant of men,
       making me wonder what caused the miraculous change in them?

"The reasons for your questions and as to why you donít understand,
       is because there is more than you realize to Godís greatest plan.
The Son is of The Father and Their power is as the brightest of light.
       Their power keeps everything in motion beyond your knowledge or sight.
This power, this light of God The Father, comes through His Begotten One,
       then to each and everyone who seeks it and asks in the name of The Son.
You see, it is a transfer of light from the very Son of God into you,
       then as others, you become a testimony of the light of Christ too.
This God given light, moves from one willing soul to another,
       all while testifying of Christ, who testifies of The Father.
This actual transfer of light that pours into oneís soul until filled,
       will then transfer to others by overflowing, as if being spilled.
Thus the light of God The Father goes forth to be never broken,
       testifying of the very God of whom Jesus Christ had spoken.

To have it requires opening your soul and allowing this light to embark.
       The alternative is to walk away, close your eyes and remain in the dark.
It requires wanting to know the truth about The Father, The Most High God
       and realizing that He has one true path and itís straight as an iron rod.
And now the question is up to you, as to which way will you go.
       Yet the greater question remains, how much do you want to know?
Just as Jesus Christ stands at your door and knocks to be let in,
       it is up to you to hear His knock and open your door from within.
So will you open your door and allow His light to permeate your soul?
       Letting it change your life and others, as well as those who love you so?
If you do, to others your testimony will be so shinny and bright,
       that you will be as Paul and Alma, a testimony of Christís light.
There is a small light inside you now, though you may not know where itís at.
       But your hand is on the controller, which way will you turn the thermostat?"

   "That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth
   more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day." D&C 50:24

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140 Jan. 2001-a


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