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       The Greatest Story Ever Told...

He’s quite the little celebrity, so kind and oh so gentle.
       He never hurts anyone. He’s never cross or even judgmental.
Everyone loves him and will rush to see him when he comes around.
       Even though he’s shy, keeps to himself and never makes a sound.
But once inside your home, he will light up the whole place.
       You can see it in the eyes and smiles worn on everyone’s face.
The kids will scream with delight and chase him through the house.
       He never seems to mind. He’ll just hide, staying quite as a mouse.
He competes with only one other star for the biggest day of the year.
       If it wasn’t for Santa, the Easter Bunny would get the most cheer.

But the fact that he’s there at all, is something I find distressing.
       A day that is so special–a commemorative to our greatest blessing!
Think it not odd that the two most important days of the year
       set aside for Christ, who died for us out of love so dear,
is celebrated with two fictional characters created by man?
       Is this not the scheming work of someone’s sinister plan?
"Oh come on, they’re just cute mascots," they will quickly reply.
       Not realizing that they’re just placebos and a subtle little lie.
Like Santa, the Easter Bunny goes straight to your children’s heart,
       getting them to forget or diminish the importance of the Savior’s part.

Easter is about the resurrection, a new birth for you and me,
       where we live with Our Father, His Son and family for eternity.
When Christ went into the grave, He took our faith and trust
       that He would again return for us, the way He said He must.
For if He stayed there, our hope for Salvation would be gone.
       And death would be the end of us, instead of just a new dawn.
This temporal death that we shall suffer, this going to the grave,
       is sweet to those who’ve been righteous, steadfast and brave.
It will be a place of rest from problems, a place to bask in His light.
       For the wicked, a partial reckoning and worrying over their plight.

At death, the body is laid down and a dissolution takes place.
       It continues until completed, leaving only a small trace;
that you were here, ever walked the earth, ever mattered at all.
       That’s the way death would be, because of Adam’s great fall.
But for what Christ has done, death is only temporary you see.
       He’s made it possible to have a resurrection for both you and me.
So understand what His gift means and how to your life it’s applied.
       After all, the greatest story ever told–is not just that He lived and died.
If this is your thought, you’ve misunderstood, so please carefully listen,
       because the greatest story ever told, includes that Christ has risen.

   "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection , and the life: he that believeth in me,
   though he were dead, yet shall he live." John 11:25

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140, April 2001-g


Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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