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                   The Evidence...

Frequently I get asked, "You say you believe in god?
       Thereís no evidence that he lives. Your foolish belief is a pseud."
They say, "Show me the evidence that proves he lives
       and Iíll show you he doesnít from the evidence science gives.
Iíll prove to you that the belief in god is merely an ancient tradition,
       based on weak minded people who believe in foolish superstition."
I guess because they donít see the proof of Godís intervention,
       they choose to deny the glaring manifest of His creation.
I donít understand because the evidence He lives is clear and logical.
       But because Iím willing to learn, I listen to the ideas they think possible.

Iíve listened to the technical data they give to prove their scientific clues.
       Iíve listened to the scientists theyíve quoted, saying weíre the cousins of baboons.
Itís all very interesting but it leaves too many questions floating about.
       Like where did the organization come from that is in the universe throughout?
The scientists admit the organization but excuse it as being just coincidence.
       But how can organization be dismissed by he who believes in evidence?
Everything man has invented is filled with masterful organizational skills.
       Yet, the human is the most complex of all and they think we evolved ourselves.
Science is based on opinion and data derived from modern instruments and technology.
       Instruments, together with calculators, producing the theory of manís chronology.
But I know that in a court of law, theyíd have to admit that their idea is just a theory.
       Not based on proof, but accepted ideas, which should really make them leery.

The Bible, on the other hand, is four-thousand years of eyewitness accounts
       of Godís dealings with man and teachings like the Sermon on the Mount.
Itís full of testimonies from people having nothing to gain but an untimely end,
       giving all to tell of a God with whom for eternity they wanted to spend.
Theyíll ask if Iíve seen the mess the world is in; if Iíve talked with God face to face.
       "No," Iíll say, "I havenít seen God and yes, Iíve looked over the human race."
Iíve seen the suffering brought on by man. Iíve seen the innocent break down and cry.
       Iíve seen the misery that is out there and Iíve watched people needlessly die.
But Iíve also seen the many wonders of someone just barely out of sight.
       Someone who I can tell loves us and who encourages us to choose the right.
And though Iíve never seen a miracle as grand as the parting of the Red Sea,
       I have seen many little miracles in my life; more than youíd ever believe.

Iíve also seen people in agony, crying and begging for relief from their strife,
       devastated and searching for help and then find the one who gave them life.
Iíve looked into the eyes of the dying and Iíve seen them realize their fate.
       Iíve even seen the look on their face as they fight for the breath they take.
Iíve seen the peaceful look on the believers and the hopeful look on the non,
       grasping the hope that death is not their end ...but instead a new dawn.
Iíve seen them forget all theyíve learned and hold onto a little flame inside.
       One that tells them there is a God above and for them, a Savior has died.
The evidence that He lives is overwhelming. Thereís no question in my mind.
       No, I havenít seen the face of God ...but Iíve seen His hand many a time.

   "I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine." St. John 10:14

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 April,2K-a


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