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        The Coin-Maker And The Coin... 

He was strong and stout, yet a soft spoken sort of man.
       A Coin-Maker by trade. Often referred to Himself as, "I Am."
He made some of the most beautiful coins, anyone had ever seen.
       The workmanship was exceedingly fine. The detail vividly keen.
He took great joy in the creations of His unique and wondrous coins.
       Often referred to them as His children. As though they were from His loins.
The coins were made of the finest gold, each different in it's own way.
       Yet, each molded after a similar pattern, formed first of a divine clay.
In time, each coin went it's own way, going this way and that.
       Each with their own story to tell, gained from where they were at.

But this is the story of just one coin and it's unfortunate plight.
       Who unwisely and through misfortune ended up lost from sight.
One day this coin fell and rolled, then chose to continue rolling.
       Until further and further it went. It wanted to go exploring.
He rolled and rolled, this little coin, for what seemed a long time.
       Then, "clunk" against a wall it came to rest in a place of grime.
His exploring had led him to a dark place, one he didn't expect.
       One of loneliness and despair, where there was little to do but reflect.
Months turned into years and the gold coin was forgotten about.
       One day the floor was cleaned and the little gold coin swept out.

The coin, not recognized because it was covered with so much soot,
       that out it was swept with all the filth and into the trash it was put.
Ohhh, if someone would just find it, before it was lost forever.
       For the coin had not lost it's worth. It was as valuable as ever.
Now in the coin was a heart that the Coin-Maker had put inside.
       The Coin-Maker's way of finding His coin, even if they got lost or hide.
The now marred, dirty and forgotten coin began a cry within it's heart.
       Which signaled the Coin-Maker to help it. And He would if the coin did it's part.
In time, the Coin-Maker found this gold coin hidden among all the debris.
       And He reached down and picked it up and touched it's face lovingly.

He examined the coin to survey the damage and see what needed be done.
       He could tell it would take a lot of work to repair this lost little one.
"This one can be saved," He tearfully said. "I can see it's heart is still good!
       I will work with this coin a day at a time  ...until it is as it should."
In the Coin-Makers care, the tarnished coin became clean, shiny and bright.
       And soon it became as all of His coins, giving off it's own golden light.
Now one more thing that you should know about this story I'm telling you.
       Is that I have seen this  ...and other lost coins  ...and I know this story is true.
For in the prison yards I have been to those He said, "These too are mine."
       And I have seen Him reach down and pick up more gold coin at a time.

"O ye house of Israel whom I have spared, how oft will I gather you as a hen gathereth her chickens
under her wings, if ye will repent and return unto me with full purpose of heart." 3 Nephi 10:

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751 (Ret) R# 140, June, 2003a   Gila River Branch Prison Ministries

                                         Dedicated to our Brothers and Sisters in the yards, everywhere.


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