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                      The Centurions...

When all God’s children began to come forth,
       there had to be those who would stand and take an oath.
An oath of great risk to protect and serve all the others,
       who would come to earth, once sisters and brothers.
The protectors would be called centurions, their duty full of fear.
       Their training beginning now for their dangerous earthly career.
They’d be going to a violent world, these centurions about to receive birth.
       They’d have to be willing to take another’s life while in uniform on earth.
Some would carry a rifle and fight for freedom in foreign lands.
       Others would stay at home, fighting criminals and armed bands.

On earth, they would gravitate toward a centurion’s duty and uniform,
       their parents saying, "We’ve seen this in you from the time you were born."
These centurions would have to walk into the bloodiest and dirtiest of scenes,
       to solve people’s problems and somehow keep their own lives clean.
They would have to listen to and be with those who mournfully cry,
       willing to reach out to them, even wiping the tear from their eye.
They’d have to be the kind who could seem mean and stern.
       And yet also have compassion for others as well as concern.
And then as they would come to the end of their embattled tours,
       they’d find few who understood their emotional sores.

Where once they had been kind, forgiving and gentle,
       they now seemed to be angry, cynical and judgmental.
They’ve seen and lived things that others can turn away from and hide.
       But they had to deal with, their best friend, the weapon at their side.
Even those who know and love them have accused them of being cold,
       not able to understand them, no matter the times they’ve been told,
that some of the world’s dirt and soil has rubbed off onto their soul,
       making them rough and sometimes hurting others who try to console.
But there is one thing that all centurions have to come to understand;
       they have to return to who they were before they agreed to this plan.

That no matter what you have seen or what you have gone through,
       there is Someone who understands, loves you and has died for you.
He will wipe away your inner pain and mend your hardened soul,
       and give you what you had before, ...that soft, inner glow.
There’s a reason why the calling of centurion went to you,
       because the Lord knew that with Him, you’d make it through.
You’ll have to do what you did in your pre-existent life,
       focus on the good, follow the Lord and walk toward His light.
Of this I bare testimony of the truthfulness of what I say,
       hoping you will listen to a centurion who’s learned to pray.

   "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
   " Matthew 5:9 & 3 Nephi 12:9

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen #3751, June 2K-f


Read "Think About it..." Online Warrior Stories  | Excerpts | News Articles | Poems
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