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                           The Bridge...

It happened one cloudy day in my darkest hour as I was walking along.
       I was in the hills, following a creek when I came to a small pond.
It was quiet and peaceful so I sat on a rock near the waterís edge,
       near a big oak tree and a walking bridge that spanned the canyon ledge.
As I sat there I just stared into the water for what seemed a long time,
       mulling over solutions to problems that were so unfortunately mine.
It was then that I noticed the old man sitting under the big oak tree.
       He hadnít moved or made a sound. He just looked and smiled at me.

I could tell he wasnít a man of means. His clothes and boots were worn.
       And I noticed that the old hat that he wore was frayed, ragged and torn.
His hair was a little long and it was so white it looked like the driven snow.
       But there was something about this old man. I could feel an inner glow.
I smiled back and said, "Hello," as I sat and thought of what to do.
       After a few moments he asked, "Are you lost or just passing through?"
I was depressed and didnít feel like talking so I didnít answer back.
       Thatís when he said, "Your life is out of control and sliding off track."

Somewhat annoyed, I gazed over the water and said, "Who are you old man?"
       He said, "Iím a bridge builder ...and Iíve built many bridges across the land."
"I donít need a bridge," I said. "I need solutions to problems that are troubling me."
       He said, "What you need is a bridge indeed. Have you sought help on bended knee?"
"I pray," I said. "But I need more than that. I need these problems to come to an end."
       He said, "Thatís the easy part. The Lord will help you if you let Him, my friend.
You see, solving problems in life is like learning to build a series of bridges.
       You donít have to stumble and fall in the canyons. Learn to live on the ridges.

When you pray and ask for help, if you listen, youíll feel the way to go.
       And if you feel the Holy Ghost in your heart, by this sign youíll surely know.
Following the guidance of the Lord is like building a one sided bridge.
       You start from one side of the canyon and try to build to the other ridge.
There will be times when you will wonder if youíre making a big mistake.
       Youíll feel alone, wonít see the other side, may even worry, quiver or shake.
But then one day something will happen and youíll realize you had been wrong.
       Where once you felt Heíd left you alone, youíll see He was there all along.

Youíll also see He was there helping to build and support your side when you fell.
       And with the turn of one simple event, youíll see Heís built the other side as well.
And now the bridge to your new life is complete and off into the future you will go.
   The darkness that surrounded your life now gone, because of a God who loves you so."
At first I was stunned by the things Iíd just heard. Who was this man indeed?
       Though I knew him not, I somehow felt heíd come to help in my hour of need.
As I thought about the things the old man said, I quickly realized he was right.
       So I turned to thank him ...but he was gone ...and the Son was now shining bright.

   "...if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed...nothing shall be impossible
   unto you...ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock
   and it shall be opened unto you." Matthew 17: 20 and 7:7

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen RT #3751, Dec. 2K-a


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