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                         Oh Pride...

Is it wrong to feel the need to be a cut above the human race?
       Or is it wrong to want the lights to shine brightly on your face?
Just what is this thing called pride that you and I hear about?
       Is having pride really wrong? Sometimes I question and doubt.
As a police officer, we were expected to take pride in our uniforms.
       and pride in our grooming, as if we were still in academy dorms.
My whole career I was taught to take pride in how I look and dress.
       and even in my actions, I needed to be sharp and impress.
Those guide lines are not any different than many other careers.
       Every professional has expectations from customers and peers.
Youíre expected to look sharp and take pride in your workmanship.
       Because if you donít take pride in what you do, your quality will slip.
These are the words and ethics that all of us understand.
       So perhaps the problem is that our thinking needs to expand.

Everyone knows that youíre expected to look sharp and do a good job.
       But it can quickly go to your head and your humility can be robbed.
Pride is far more than just looking nice and trying to do good work.
       Itís thinking youíre better, talking bad of others or giving them a smirk.
It includes fault-finding, gossiping, back-biting or murmuring,
       envying, coveting, withholding gratitude or being unforgiving.
Itís pitting you against another or the need to be the center of attention.
       Rebellion, self-gratification, unrighteous dominion or contention.
Or thinking you have become so righteous, you look down on others
       or thinking Godís given you a different set of rules than your brothers.
Many good people have fallen down or taken that horrible ride,
       losing everything that was good because of this thing called pride.
Pride has many more faces but the most dangerous of them all,
       is when it pits you against God, ...because great will be your fall.

The number one destroyer of good men and women everywhere,
       the thing that righteous people who have fallen from grace share,
is the foolish thinking that they have become so wise and well read,
       they donít need to agree with God, He needs to agree with them instead.
Though they donít verbalize that, you see it in their manner and deeds.
       Following teachings and counsel that donít get in the way of their needs.
The warning signs of a fall are easy to seeĖat times as plain as day.
       It begins with finding fault with your leaders or wanting your own way.
Pride has different concepts, sadly doing much more harm than good.
       It constantly catches you off guard and would destroy you if it could.
At first it will seem harmless, like a common cold or simple flu.
       But left untreated, becoming a pneumonia so bad it could kill you.
It begins with the feelingĖthe need to be a cut above the human race.
       So be warned of that desire to have the lights shine on your face.

   "...but beware of pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old." D&C 38:39

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751 (Ret) R# 140, April 2001-c


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