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                 If You knew...

He came from a distant place, a place he called home.
       Not many knew from whence he did roam.
He came without glory, fortune or fame.
       He came to this life bearing only a name.
He lived a lifestyle unpopular to most,
       modest ways and means, nothing to boast.
No worldly prestige, no man of the "in-crowd" was he.
       His deedsĖmostly unnoticed, few others ever did see.
When he came among men, he was known only by a few,
       saying he came to do the work his father asked him to.

He was spat upon, he was lied to, he was sold out and betrayed.
       Even a best friend denied him because his friend was afraid.
And though before he came he was the mightiest of all,
       there being none who walked as straight or stood as tall.
Here he found most would not listen to what he had to say,
       making me wonder how he felt before going to pray.
They took him before Pilate saying he had blasphemed and lied.
       At his trial the majority screamed for him to be crucified.
So they nailed him to a cross where he hung between two thieves,
       where no loved one could help him, regardless of their pleas.
But then with his death, his greatness was restored
       and now of course we know Him as Christ the Lord.

So though for yourself thereís no slate filled with fame,
       no mountain of lights shining down on your name,
remember there was another much greater than you,
       who came to this earth and lived void of fame too.
But He never forgot who He was or from whence He came;
       "The Son of God," as said in the Bible of King James.
And though Christ was the Son of God, the Fatherís Only Begotten,
       you are a child of the same God or have you forgotten.
Youíve been endowed with gifts and glory, far more than you know,
       and asked to walk the Saviorís path, helping others as you go.
Now the day will soon come when you will die as you must,
       your body going the way of the earth and returning to dust.

Then too will you reunite with the glory of whom you once were,
       if you follow His commandments, repent and become pure.
So in this life make wise decisions and always choose the right.
       Donít focus on just the here and now, insure your hereafter is bright.
Donít be foolishly led astray by the enticings of evil or fame.
       As there is little here that is really yours except for your name.
With so much of your future riding on the decisions you are making,
       are some of the things you are doing, worth the risk you are taking?
I wonder if you knew just who you were ...and who you really are,
       if your actions would be different ...oh child of a King from afar?

   "And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be
   likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand." Matthew 7:26

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751 (Ret) R# 140 Nov. 2K-a


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