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      The Forgotten Ingredient...

I wonder as I sit and try to figure things out,
       what is it that creates question, worry and doubt?
What causes the person who says he believes,
       to quiver, shake and then buckle at the knees?
What causes him to become nervous and fret,
       and then causes his forehead to bead and sweat?
What happens to their faith, now so easily shaken,
       as they think or cry out, "...Why have I been forsaken?"

What makes other people so strong and gallant?
       Never seeming to waver but always very valiant?
What is it these people understand and see,
       what makes them strong, what makes them believe?
Itís easy to believe when things are going well,
       but the real test comes as the tide begins to swell.
People are quick to say, "Yes, my faith is strong and true,"
       (as long as the sun shines and the sky remains blue.)

So wherein lies the true secret for having faith in Almighty God?
       To know if what Iíll tell you is true, this path youíll have to trod?
Having faith is more than knowing that believing, is a must.
       It requires a most important and forgotten ingredient called
Itís one thing to believe that God hears and answers prayers.
       Itís quite another to trust that He will help you with your affairs.
Yes, to believe that God will actually help others is not where you fail.
       Itís believing He will actually help youĖyourself, thatís where you pale.

Faith requires believing that He actually cares about your needs.
       It requires trust in His wisdom and timing to answer your pleas.
You see, when troubles and problems surround you, itís an absolute must,
       that you pray and believe and then replace your fear with trust.
For faith without trust is merely an empty word spoken in vain,
       because without trust, the faith you proclaim to have, you feign.
You, the individual are an actual child of the Most High God.
       So why should putting complete trust in Him seem foreign or odd?

So believe and have faith in God that He will always do what is right.
       Then, add the ingredient of trust and you can believe with all your might.
When trust is added to your belief and faith in the very God that gave you life,
       away will go your fear and worry that comes from all the strife.
Believe in Him and donít be discouraged if things donít always go your way,
       and donít do as so many others, becoming discouraged and going astray.
Trust in His wisdom and timing, to teach, see you through and help you grow,
       because He loves you child, more than you can understand or ever know.

   "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding...
   for I know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials...
   and lifted up at the last day." Proverbs 3:5 & Alma 36:3

       Officer Samuel Jeppsen, #3751, Jan. 2K-a


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